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Estimates and Invoices

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Estimates and Invoices

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Estimates and Invoices

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By using the Create Estimate and Create Invoice buttons from within an Astra Schedule event, a user may create estimates and invoices that will be added directly to the invoicing system. A new estimate or invoice generated from within Astra Schedule will include a snapshot of all chargeable items for the event.  Users may create as many estimates as desired.  However, once an invoice is generated, users must decide how changes will be handled thereafter.  If changes are made that could impact an existing invoice, Astra Schedule can do one of three things:


Do nothing.  The Astra Schedule event charges will be out of sync with the invoice.

Generate a new invoice and leave any existing invoice(s).  A new invoice with all charges is generated.


Generate a new invoice and credit out any existing invoice(s).  This will ensure that there is only one invoice with all related charges.


Estimates and invoices created in Astra Schedule appear in the Astra Schedule event form and may be viewed from within the event. Additionally, credit memos applied to the event will appear alongside any estimates and invoices.


To generate an estimate or invoice, perform the following:


1.Click the edit option for an event for which you would like to generate an estimate or invoice.


2.Click the Invoicing tab.

3.Click Create Estimate or Create Invoice as applicable.
Accounting_CreateEstimateButton Accounting_CreateInvoiceButton
NoteNOTE:  Whether or not a user may create estimates or invoices is controlled by two separate role permissions.


4.An Estimate or Invoice line item is generated in the invoicing system.  A reference to the report is displayed in the invoicing grid on the Invoicing tab.


5.Click the estimate or invoice number to view details.  The system will launch the applicable report.
Accounting_ViewEstimate Accounting_ViewInvoice


To customize the Invoice and Estimate reports to include a graphic for your institution, see Add a Graphic to the Invoice Report Header.