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Astra Schedule Invoicing Installation, Activation, and Setup

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Astra Schedule Invoicing Installation, Activation, and Setup

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Astra Schedule Invoicing Installation, Activation, and Setup

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Creating estimates and generating invoices requires that the invoicing option is enabled and configured in the Astra Schedule installation. If opting for the invoicing features, components are installed automatically during the Astra Schedule installation.


note NOTE:  Invoicing features are only compatible with MSSQL environments.


When performing the Astra Schedule installation, the installation utility will prompt the installer to optionally enable the invoicing feature. If this invoicing flag is enabled, then the installer will require additional information regarding the installation. The process of enabling the invoicing integration can take place during initial installation of Astra Schedule, or as an enhancement to an existing installation using the installer control panel.


To enable and configure the invoicing option, perform the following:


1.Launch the Astra Schedule installation utility or control panel and follow the on-screen prompts until presented with the invoicing setup screen.


2.Enter the invoicing module setup information


Enter the Company ID.


This value is the unique company identifier used by the invoicing system. This value should be the Astra Schedule institution name.  Do not use "demo" or "systemmanager" (these are invoicing system ID's), and do not use spaces or special characters.

Enter the Company Name.


This value can be the same as the Company ID unless a different name is desired.

Invoicing URL.
This value is the URL of the invoicing virtual directory that will be created during installation.  (Example: http://mywebserver/mywebserver_OAWS/)
The default URL assumes the same web server as the Astra Schedule installation.  Editing this value is an advanced option that should only be performed if required by network security settings.  If unsure, please consult your network administrator.




3.Continue the Astra Schedule installation. See the Astra Schedule Installation Instructions for more specific details on the installation process.