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Astra Schedule provides basic estimate and invoicing functionality.


Supported basic features include:


Define price levels, with % discount

Associate price levels to customers


Configure inventory pricing

oDefine base price (default) for rooms, equipment, and services

oDefine the discount method type (by price or percent) for rooms, equipment, and services

oDefine chargeable unit (each, or hourly) for rooms, equipment, and services

oDefine sales price per price level for rooms, equipment, and services, including quantity break


Globally configure hourly charge rounding

Configure customer account number and billing address


Associate charges with an event

oBook an event with chargeable rooms, equipment, and/or services

oGenerate an estimate for the event

oGenerate an invoice for the event

oKeep invoice current by automatically generating credit memos when an event is edited in a way that impacts the invoice. 

oView credit memos


Run reports

oTransactions by Job (from event)

oItem Price List

oCustomer Statement

oInvoice (from event)

oEstimate (from event)

oCredit Memo (from event)


Customize reports using Crystal Reports


This section provides an overview of setup and usage of estimates and invoices.



Astra Schedule Invoicing Setup

Price Levels

Resource Pricing

Estimates and Invoices