Astra Schedule Help (7.5)

Using the HTML Help

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Using the HTML Help

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Using the HTML Help

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The HTML help system interface provides standard help system tools, including a table of contents, an alphabetical index, and a keyword search tool.


The Table of Contents offers navigation through all of the Astra Schedule help chapters, from the Introduction to the Glossary. Clicking on a chapter or heading link expands the topic to reveal any subtopics or content, as applicable. As you browse, bread crumb links are provided at the top of the content window to show your position in the document.


The Index option in the help system displays an alphabetical list of key topics, words, and phrases. Clicking on a link in the list opens the page that includes the related content.


The Search feature allows you to search for specific keywords or combinations of words. This tool will search all content in the document, including headings, and return a list of options from which you may select and view content. The keyword or words entered appear highlighted in the content.


Additional features include Next and Previous topic buttons, and a Print button.