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Product Overview

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Product Overview

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Product Overview

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Astra Schedule


Astra Schedule VII is a Web-based, enterprise-class scheduling and calendaring system that coordinates rooms, resources, billing, notifications, timetables and exams. Excelling in both academics and events, Astra Schedule can help your institution reach its goals—from growing enrollments by maximizing classroom space to scheduling catering services for an event, and everything in between.


Astra Schedule provides academic scheduling, SIS integration, event management, enterprise calendaring, and a customizable web portal for easy access.

Platinum Analytics


Platinum Analytics may be purchased as an optional set of tools, as a consulting service, or both. The Platinum Analytics process evaluates course offering supply and demand and identifies space and time bottlenecks to help increase your institution’s utilization, support enrollment growth and improve graduation rates.


Our patented Platinum Analytics processes provide evidence to support roll-forward schedule “realignment” - or periodic, high-impact adjustments to your academic schedule that respond to changes in resource availability and student needs.


Reevaluating how many sections and seats a course needs helps to free under-utilized space that can be used for higher-demand courses. This reallocation of resources not only addresses space bottlenecks, but also allows current students the opportunity to graduate sooner while making room for growing enrollments.