Astra Schedule Help (7.5)

Installation Troubleshooting

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Installation Troubleshooting

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Installation Troubleshooting

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If application is not accessible after initial installation


Restart IIS.  Try application.


See log file located at C:\WINDOWS\system32\LogFiles\W3SVCI.


Find the numeric browser error at the end of the entries in this log.


Perform an internet search for common causes of this error and/or provide this information to Astra Schedule support.


In IIS Manager, make sure .NET 2.0 is listed as an extension and is “allowed”.  If not, then run regiis executable referenced earlier in this document.  Restart IIS.  Try application.


In IIS Manager, make sure Application Server Pages are “allowed” as an extension.  If not, then set to “allowed”.  Restart IIS.  Try application.


Make sure Astra app pool is started in IIS.


If problems are encountered during installation and/or database creation


Check log files for installation and/or database creation errors and report to Astra Schedule support.

oC:\Program Files\Ad Astra\AstraSchedule\7.x.x

AstraCP.log                - installation log

AstraCP-DB.log        - database creation log