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Installation Overview and Preparation

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Installation Overview and Preparation

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Installation Overview and Preparation

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The Installation Process Overview


The Astra installer gathers information during the installation process and builds various configuration files that are required to run the application.  If configuration file information needs to be changed at a later date, these configuration files must be edited manually.  Contact Astra Schedule support staff for further assistance.


During the installation process, the tool checks for .NET, Windows Server, and IIS to ensure that the required components are in place.  If something is missing, a message is displayed and installation will not continue until the prerequisites are complete.


The installation tools will perform the following steps:


1.Extract files and install configuration control panel


2.Extract and install program files


3.Configure and establish database connection


4.Create database/schema and user


5.Run database create script to build tables and base data


6.Configure IIS web application settings

Installation Preparation


Astra Schedule VII is an entirely web-based application running under Windows Server 2003/2012 (32-bit) using IIS. The standard installation of Astra Schedule VII requires a web application server and a separate database server. Technical specifications for the servers are available, and you should have received these. (The application runs effectively in a properly configured environment running VMWare.)


Prior to installing Astra Schedule VII on your campus, you must take several preparatory steps to ensure that the application will load and function properly within your network. The Astra Schedule systems engineer will verify that the servers are configured properly and appropriate access has been granted before proceeding.


Prior to installation, download the Crystal reports runtime engine, the Oracle 11g .NET provider (for both MSSQL and Oracle) and the Astra Schedule 7.x.x.x MSI. These files are necessary to complete the installation and should be available from your Ad Astra support site at under the Download Software category, Version VII Software Downloads option. During the call, the server and IIS configuration will be verified and these two components will be installed. The files are available from the Ad Astra support site and are named:


Crystal Reports (2008 Runtime Version)

VII Oracle Tools (Data Access Version)

VII AstraSchedule (7.xxxx.msi file)


Astra Schedule also requires the following versions of the .NET framework. These should be installed on the application server.


Microsoft .NET framework 2.0

Microsoft .NET framework 3.0

Microsoft .NET framework 3.5
For versions 7.5.17 and after, add:

Microsoft .NET framework 4.0

Microsoft .NET framework 4.5
NOTE: The 4.6 .NET framework is not compatible with Astra Schedule at this time and should NOT be installed.


This software is available for free download from Microsoft’s website at .


Verify IIS 6 is installed on Application Server

Verify in Default Web Site Properties => ASP.Net => ASP.NET version is 2.0.50727

Verify Active Server Pages and ASP.Net v2.0.50727 are allowed

This can be verified from IIS Manager => Web Service Extensions

If SSL the certificate is installed and verified on the Application Server

Verify application server can ping database machine


noteFirewall note:  For MSSQL, the default TCP port 1433 must be open unless a specific port is configured.  Also, UPD 1434 may need to be open under some configurations when using a named instance.  See the following site for more information on connecting to a MSSQL database:


It will be necessary for a DBA or another staff member with appropriate access to set up the database instance and to allow for the connection to be made during installation. Oracle connection information will be verified as well during this call so please make every effort to ensure that an accurate TNSNAMES.ORA file is available for installation of the 11g client that reflects any Oracle instances that will be accessed by the Astra Schedule application.