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Generate Exam Meetings

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Generate Exam Meetings

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Generate Exam Meetings

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With exam settings configured and an exam session created for a term, the system is ready to automatically generate exam meeting records.  The process of generating exam meetings creates new section meetings for applicable courses.  Each course section meeting type that has an exam will have a corresponding exam meeting.


The exam meeting generation process can be repeated if required to add new exam meetings due to configuration or data changes.  In this case, when the Create Exam Meetings option is repeated, the user is prompted with the option to either generate new exams for new courses, OR simply update exam type preference configuration for existing exams. See Update Exam Type Preferences for more information on the latter.


If the exam requires the same room or preference as its parent section, or 2x seating, these attributes are applied when the record is created.   Likewise, if the parent section is in a cross-list group, the exams will be cross-listed as well.

Generate Meetings

To initiate the creation of exam section meetings for an exam session, perform the following:


1.Click the Terms option on the Academics tab.


2.Click the desired term to view the term details.

3.Click the Edit Exam Session icon.


4.In the Exam Session edit window, click Create Exam Meetings.
Note that exam session action buttons are disabled until the exam session has been saved.

5.The system will create exam meetings for sections as configured.


6.When completed, the system will provide the option to go straight to the exam time mapping process.
Click "Yes" to continue, or "No" to wait and complete exam time mapping at a later time.



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