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Using the Event Form

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Using the Event Form

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Using the Event Form

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This method of event creation makes the entire event form with all features and fields available when creating a new event. This option is designed to make the most detail available during the creation of a more complex event. This is the same form that is used when editing an existing event record.


To create a new event using the event form, perform the following:


1.Click the Events tab.


2.Click the Events option.


3.From the event list page, click Add an Event Events_AddEventButton.


Event Information


4.Enter an Event Name.


5.Select an Event Type from the list.


6.Edit the event status only if you do NOT want the event to be scheduled (i.e. Tentative or Pending).


7.Enter an internal description if desired.  The internal description is only visible on the event form.

8.Optionally, click External Description to add a rich text description.
The external description will appear in the hover content on the calendars, grids, and list pages.  This is a rich text field with formatting options provided in the editor.  Additionally, HTML content can be included to provide images and formatting, and links can be included to other sources of content.

9.Select a Customer from the list.


10.Select a primary Customer Contact for the event from the list.

NoteNOTE: If you have permission, you may add a new Customer and/or Contact record to the system using the Create buttons.


11.Select the Notify option if you would like the Customer Contact included in the notification recipient list by default.


12.Enter an Estimated Attendance.


13.If desired, check a box to make the event Private or Featured.


14.Select the Additional Contacts tab to record other contacts for the event.  See The Event Form for more information.


Create Meetings


15.In the Meetings section of the form, click Add Meeting.


16.Enter a Meeting Name if different than the event name.


17.Select a Meeting Type from the list.


18.Enter a meeting description if desired, or click to Copy from Event.


19.Enter a Max Attendance value if different from the event record. This value is used to filter your room search to appropriately sized rooms.


20.Enter meeting notes if desired, or click to Copy from Event.


21.If desired, check a box to make the meeting Private or Featured.


22.Remove the Requires Room flag if you would like to be able to complete the event without selecting a room.

NoteNOTE: Removing the Requires Room option removes the system requirement for a room assignment and allows the event meeting to be completed.  Otherwise, event meetings without room assignments are considered incomplete.  This option allows event meetings to be officially recorded for an event for billing, resource scheduling, or other record keeping purposes without scheduling an additional room.


23.Enter date and time information for the meeting(s) and specify recurrence information if applicable.  See The Event Form for more information.


24.Click Create to add your meeting(s) to the meeting list panel on the right.


25.Repeat steps as needed to build a list of all additional meetings you would like to add.


26.Click OK.


Assign Rooms and Resources


27.In the Meetings section, place a check mark in the box to the right of each meeting to which you would like to assign a room.


28.Click Assign Rooms.


29.Filter the list and select an available room cell for your meeting(s).


30.Click OK.


31.Repeat the process using the Assign Resources option if required.




32.Click Save at the top of the event form.


33.If desired, click Send Event Summary to send a copy of the event details to interested parties.