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Request an Event

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Request an Event

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Request an Event

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There are several different possible access points for an event request form from within the application. The primary access point is from the application portal page. Optionally, an Astra function web part can be placed on the portal page that provides access to the event request process. Additionally, if the calendar web part is included on the portal and the user has access to request events, then a button appears at the top of the calendar web part for accessing an event request form. Finally, if the user has access to the Events tab in the application and has access to request events, then an “Event Request” link is provided on the events landing page. Regardless of the access point, the process of requesting an event is the same.


To request an event, perform the following:


1.Click on an event request option from the portal page or the Events tab.


2.If you have access to only a single form, the event request form is displayed. Otherwise, enter a title for your event, select the appropriate request form from the drop-down list, and then click Next to display the request form.


3.Enter the contact, event detail, meeting, resource, and any other values requested in the form.


4.If applicable, use the provided event meeting generator and room and/or resource selection tool to create meetings and request rooms.


5.Click Submit Request to submit your form for approval. You will receive a confirmation of your request via email.


6.Click Done to return to the application.