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From the Calendar

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From the Calendar

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From the Calendar

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You may use the Quick Event form to create a new event directly from a calendar. This option is designed to be a convenient way to quickly generate an event when you want to first identify a space using the calendar or grid views. To facilitate the event creation process, the Quick Event form automatically detects the time and date, and pre-filters your room selection to match your calendar or grid filters.


To create a new event directly from one of the calendar views, perform the following:


1.Open a daily, weekly, or monthly calendar or resource grid.


2.Click on an open cell in the grid where you would like to place an event. The Quick Event form will open.


3.Enter an event name.


4.Select an Event Type from the drop-down list.


5.Edit the times and dates if needed.


6.Select a Customer from the drop-down list.


7.Select a Contact from the drop-down list.


8.If your calendar filter selection includes multiple rooms, the Location drop-down list will include the rooms in your filter. Select the room into which you would like to schedule the event.


9.Click Save Event to save and return to the calendar.