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Event Messaging

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Event Messaging

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Event Messaging

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Astra Schedule includes support for event notification, event request, and room and resource request messaging via email.


Notification Messages

Event notification messages can be sent after creating an event using the Event Wizard (using the Send Notifications option), or at any time when saving changes to an event using the Advanced event form (using the Send Event Summary button). The event notification email message includes an event summary followed by meeting details for each meeting in the event. This message can be used as a confirmation to a customer and as a general notification to interested parties. The messaging tool provided allows you to enter a personal note to be added to the beginning of the event notification message. By default the event notification message is sent to the event’s customer contact(s) with a copy to the event scheduler. Additional recipients may be added before sending the notification.


Event Request Messages

When an event request form is submitted, an email message is automatically generated and sent to the requestor for confirmation, and a Notification List entry is created for the person or person(s) associated with the Approver Group for the request form for approval. Additionally, when action is taken by an event request approver the system generates a message to inform the requestor that their event request was either confirmed or declined, or that more information is requested.


Room and Resource Request Messages

If a room is requested for an event meeting to which the event scheduler does not have scheduling permission, a Notification List entry is automatically generated by the system for the person or persons associated with the Approver Group for the room in question. A room approver can either approve or decline the room request from the Notification List. When this action is taken, an email message confirming the room status change is automatically generated and sent back to the event scheduler.