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Edit Event Status

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Edit Event Status

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Edit Event Status

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The Astra Schedule event workflow definition defines the possible event statuses and the conditions under which they are allowed.  Editing the event status for an event reflects the scheduler's desired status.  The workflow rules will determine whether or not that status is possible and then display the current state of the event.  In many cases, a user setting the event status will result in a workflow state that matches their selection.  (i.e. the user sets the status to "Scheduled" and the event in fact indicates that it is "Scheduled")  However, there are times when the user's intended status may not yet be possible, and the workflow state will be out of sync with the selection.  (i.e. the user sets the status to "Scheduled" but a requested item must first be approved, therefore the state is set to "Requested")  The workflow system can be configured to be as simple or as complex as needed depending on your institution's business practices.  See the Workflow help topic for more information.


To edit the status of an event, perform the following:


1.Open an event record you would like to edit.


2.Click Edit.


3.Click the change status button.


4.Select the desired status from the drop-down menu.
The status field will be updated to indicate the desired change.


5.Click Save.
If the selected status is possible based on your defined rules and the current state of the event, the status will update.  Otherwise, it may stop at a different status pending another change to the event.