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Create Custom Fields

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Create Custom Fields

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Create Custom Fields

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To configure custom fields for your event and meeting records, perform the following:


1.Click on the Setup tab.


2.Click on Custom Fields.


3.Select Event Form or Event Meeting Form from the drop-down menu.


4.Click Add to add a new custom field to the selected form.


5.Select a Field Type from the drop-down list.


6.If applicable, select a Control Type from the drop-down list.


7.Enter a Display Label for the custom field. This value will be the name of the field on the event or event meeting record.


8.Enter field values, list values, or other attributes as required by the field type being added. When adding pick list values, enter values and use the Add button to place them on the list. The arrow buttons allow the entries to be re-positioned as desired.


9.Specify whether the field is optional or required by clicking the corresponding radio button.


10.Click the Add button at the bottom to add the custom field. Custom fields will automatically appear on the record types for which they were defined.