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Change the Event Owner

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Change the Event Owner

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Change the Event Owner

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Event access may be configured in several different ways:



Event users may access only those events they created


Event Scheduler Group

Event users may access events they created, plus events created by other users that are members of their group



User may access all events, regardless of owner


The event record "owner" determines who has access to the event.  The owner field is automatically set upon event creation.  However, the owner value may be edited in order to hand an event off to another user.


NoteNOTE:  In order to edit the owner value, you must have access to the event in the first place.  Additionally, if you change the owner and do not have access to that owner's events, you may lose access to the record.


To edit the event owner, perform the following:


1.Find an event you would like to edit on the list page or from some other access point.


2.Click the Edit button.


3.Use the Owner drop-down menu to select the new owner from the list.


4.Click Save.