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Approve an Event Request

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Approve an Event Request

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Approve an Event Request

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To approve an event request, perform the following:


1.Follow the link in the Notification List email notification, or log in to the application directly, click on the Events tab, and click the Notification List option. A list of outstanding requests and notifications is displayed.


2.Identify the request in question. Click on the event request name to view the request form and details of the request.


3.Click Close to return to the list.


4.Click the Approve icon EventRequestButton_Approve to the right of the event request entry to start the event approval and creation process. The event edit form is displayed with applicable fields pre-populated.


5.Confirm that all required fields are completed, meetings are generated, and rooms and resources are assigned as needed.

NoteNOTE: The original event request form can be viewed at any time from within an event record that was created via an event request. Simply click the View Event Request button at the top of the event detail form to view the details.


6.Click Approve and Notify to create the event and send a confirmation message to the requestor. Any room or resource requests will be sent at this time as well.


7.Edit the email notification recipients if desired and add any additional comments to the message. Click Send. The event may now be viewed on the event list and calendars.