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Degree Works

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Degree Works

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Degree Works Platinum Analytics Table Access

The following tables are used in the interface with Degree Works for degree audit data.  Additional table access is required for the student information system (e.g. Ellucian Banner).


The Platinum Analytics database user must have read access to the following Degree Works tables:


DAP_EQV_CRS_MST  (Stores a college equivalence records)

DAP_EXCEPT_DTL  (Stores audit exceptions/waivers)

DAP_REQ_CRS_DTL  (Stores list of courses referenced in a scribe block)

DAP_REQ_LINK_DTL  (Stores links from one scribe block to another)

DAP_REQ_MST  (Stores primary and secondary tags for each scribe block)

DAP_REQ_TEXT_DTL  (Stores the actual notepad-like text for each scribe block)

DAP_RESULT_DTL (for batch audit import)

DAP_RESNONCR_DTL (for batch audit import)

DAP_RESCLASS_DTL (for batch audit import)


* See Degree Works Batch Audit Import for more information.