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Define Price Levels

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Define Price Levels

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Define Price Levels

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Price Levels are used to establish various pricing categories for rooms and resources that are based on an increase or reduction from the standard price.  Price Levels are assigned to customers to allow you to provide discounted prices to specific customers or charge a premium to others.  A base price level consists of a name, and may also include a percentage discount.  Additionally, each room or resource can have specific sales prices or discounts configured per price level.


Price levels must be defined and associated with customers in order to charge different rates for different customers.  Once price levels are defined, they are available for resource sales price setup.


NoteNOTE: Invoicing must be enabled for your installation in order to access Price Level configuration.


To add Price Levels to the system, perform the following:


1.Click on the Invoicing Configuration option from the Setup tab.


2.In the section labeled Price Level Setup, enter a Price Level ID (name).


3.Enter a Discount % to be applied to this Price Level, if applicable.


4.Click Add.  The Price Level will be saved to the invoicing application database and is now available for association with customers and sales price configuration.