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Custom Field Special Use Case: URL Tokens

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Custom Field Special Use Case: URL Tokens

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Custom Field Special Use Case: URL Tokens

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One special, technical use case for custom fields on a record involves creating a custom field on the section form that contains a URL that links to a separate application.  This URL must contain information about the section record that is passed to the application.  In this scenario tokens can be specified in the custom field that Astra Schedule will replace with the actual values for the specific section or meeting that is being displayed.


This use case is supported with section and section meeting custom fields.


The following tokens (beginning with $) are allowed:


Section meeting values


Term values


Course values


Subject values


Section values


Campus values


NOTE:  $sectionid, $sectionmeetingid and $campusid are GUIDs.


For example, a custom display-only URL Custom Field with the value:




will be rendered on the page with the tokens replaced with values from the database, similar to this:




NOTE:  In single sign on environments, it is also possible to include a single sign on token ($SSOTicket) that will be replaced with the SSO ticket used for the session.  Astra Schedule will capture the SSO ticket during the login process.  This allows users to login just once when switching between applications.