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Configure Resource Pricing

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Configure Resource Pricing

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Configure Resource Pricing

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If invoicing is enabled and configured for your installation, you may configure room configuration and/or equipment and service pricing and discount rates directly within Astra Schedule.  Each item that requires pricing will have a base price, unit, and discount method applied.  Additionally, sales prices per price level may be defined so that different prices may be applied to different customers.


Once configured, the default price for a room or resource will appear in the hover content for the list pages, request forms, and scheduling processes, as shown below.




The base price entered for a resource record is the charge that is applied only if no sales prices per price level apply for that resource at the time of reservation.  Price level charges are more specific, and override the base price for a resource.


The discount method type must be defined at the room configuration or equipment/service level and is applied to all sales prices for that item.  This setting defines whether the resource is charged a specific price or a percentage of the base price for each sales price configured for the item.  A resource can have only one discount method type applied.


Price levels must be defined and associated with customers in order to charge different rates for different customers.  Once price levels are defined, they are available for resource sales price setup.

Base Price Setup

To configure base price information for a resource, perform the following:


1.Find the item you would like to edit on the room or equipment/service list page and open the record in edit mode.


2.For rooms, click the name of the room's configuration you would like to edit to expand the details.


3.In the section labeled "Price/Unit/Discount Method", enter the base price for the resource.

4.Select the appropriate chargeable unit for the resource.

5.Select the appropriate discount method type that should be applied to any sales prices for this resource.

Sales Price Setup

Sales prices and discounts may be defined per price level.  Price levels are associated with customers, thereby defining specific charges per customer.


NoteNOTE: Price levels must be defined prior to configuring sales prices.


To configure a sales price for a resource, perform the following:


1.Select a Price Level ID from the drop down list (name of the price level).

2.Enter the quantity break at which point the sales price will take effect, if applicable.

3.Enter either the Disc % or Disc Price, as determined by the base price configuration.

4.Click Add to save the sales price entry.