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Configure Meeting Pattern Groups for Analysis

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Configure Meeting Pattern Groups for Analysis

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Configure Meeting Pattern Groups for Analysis

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If configured, Platinum Analytics provides a view of course demand broken down by time of day within the analysis results.  This information can be extremely helpful when adding new sections to address course availability issues in the schedule.  To support this, analysis meeting pattern groups must be configured prior to running the analysis.  The analysis meeting pattern groups contain the individual meeting patterns in the system that cover the times and days for which you are interested in demand data.  For example, you might create a "Morning" analysis meeting pattern group containing all of your meeting patterns that meet before noon during the week.  The analysis results could then show demand for a certain course during the "Morning" time group.


To configure meeting pattern groups for analysis, perform the following:


1.Click the Meeting Pattern Groups option in the Admin section of the Academics tab.

2.Click Add a Meeting Pattern Group.

3.In the Meeting Pattern Group form, enter a unique name for the group that helps identify it for analysis purposes.

4.Place a check in the box to indicate that this group is an "Analysis Group".
Only those meeting pattern groups flagged as "Analysis Group" will be considered.

5.Click the + button next to Meeting Patterns and select the meeting patterns that should be included in this group during analysis.
Make sure to select all meeting patterns that will be encountered in historical data, and that you want counted toward that time group.

6.Click OK to save the new group.