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Catalog Versions

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Catalog Versions

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Catalog Versions

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A Catalog Version represents the term starting date on which a set of program rules goes into effect.  It's the combination of Program, Catalog Version, and a set of rules that defines a Program Version.


Catalog Versions consist of a name and a term, and must be established either via import or by manual creation before Program Rules and Program Versions can be created.


The list of Catalog Versions can be accessed by clicking on the Catalog Versions option in the Admin section of the Academics tab landing page.


To create a new Catalog Version, perform the following:


1.Click Add a Catalog Version.


2.Enter a name for the catalog version.  This is the name that will appear when selecting a catalog version from lists.


3.Select the term that corresponds to the catalog version's effective start date.


4.Click Save to save your changes.