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Database Access

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Database Access

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Database Access

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Data Access

Database User Access


The Astra Schedule database user must have access to the following Banner tables.


noteNOTE:  Additionally, synonyms must be created for each table as the Astra Schedule user to facilitate direct queries against the database.


SSBSECT (select)

SSRMEET (select and update (for building and room assignments))

SSBXLST (select)

SSRXLST (select)

SIRASGN (select)

SPRIDEN (select)

SIBINST (select)

SIRDPCL (select)

GOREMAL (select)

SCBCRSE (select)

STVSSTS (select)

STVSCHD (select)

SLBBLDG (select)

SOBPTRM (select)


Details related to the queries used, including specific SIS fields involved, will be provided upon request.  Additionally, the queries can be found in the XML import and/or export spoke files in your installation.  For example, in a standard installation these files would be located in C:\Ad Astra\%YourInstance%\Files\ATEConfiguration\Spokes\SIS.