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Application Performance Timers

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Application Performance Timers

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Application Performance Timers

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Starting with the 7.5.10 release, an application performance timer utility is bundled with the system.  This tool can provide useful feedback in the following ways:


1.As a support tool to help identify specific performance issues by allowing customers to log performance data for specific tasks carried out by their users, using their data.
The logged performance data will itemize the steps involved in a process to help identify places where performance is impacted.

2.To allow a customer to gather overall system performance data in their environment as a comparison metric against the published Ad Astra performance benchmarks.
This process should help isolate environmental issues from application performance issues.


This utility consists of a system timer that is manually started when it is desired to measure the performance of a specific task.  A user will then perform the task in question.  The system will automatically record a log file with the details of the task and how long each phase of the process took to complete.  Once completed, the utility is manually stopped and the log file can be reviewed.

Using the Timer

To start the application timer utility, perform the following:


1.Click the App Timings Management option in the System section of the Setup tab.

2.Click Start App Timer.

3.Perform the application task that you wish to record.

4.Return to the App Timings Management option and click Stop App Timer. Notice that web app and task agent log files are now available.

5.Click the Save Log File icon and select a location on your hard drive.

6.A zip file will be created in the location specified.  Send this file to your Ad Astra support agent for review.