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Build an Analysis Run

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Build an Analysis Run

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Build an Analysis Run

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After phase 1 of the initial imports, the Analysis Run must be created so that references to the run can be used in the phase II import process.


To add and configure a new Analysis Run, perform the following:


1.Log in to the Analytics site.


2.Select "Analysis Runs" from the Analytics section of the application.


3.Click Add Analysis Run to create a new analysis. The analysis run form is displayed.


4.Specify an Analysis Name. The name must be unique.


 NoteNOTE: You may click Save in Progress at any time after the Analysis Name has been assigned to save your work without running the analysis


5.Select the Analysis Type(s) to run.


a.Historical Trend




c.Program Analysis


d.Student Planner (future)


6.Click in the weight column to insert a cursor and enter a weight for the Analysis Type(s).


7.Click Select Terms.


8.Click the radio button to select the Analysis Term and the check boxes for the appropriate "Like” terms.


9.Click Save.


10.Click the radio button to select the Baseline Term (last “Like” term).


11.Enter a weight for the Analysis Like Terms.


12.Select a Prior Term for the Analysis Term from the Prior Term drop-down menu.


13.Check the box if the prior term is in progress.


14.Select the Prior Terms for the Analysis Like Terms using the drop-down menus.


15.If Program Analysis is selected as an analysis type, you may select filters that should be applied to the analysis.
Click the Select . . .  button to choose specific student codes, programs, or areas (not yet available).


16.Select the analysis options for your analysis run.
Adjust for Partial Registration – If a student is registered and this option is selected, the analysis will associate additional courses (above the existing registration) the student should complete up to the estimated credit load provided.  If this option is not selected, the analysis will move past any student who has registered and assume his/her registration is complete.
Analysis Students must be in Prior Term – If this option is selected, the analysis will check active students to see if they were registered in the user-defined prior term before including them in the analysis.
Import New Students Without History – When running an analysis early for a particular analysis term, the ability to import new students who haven’t yet converted to academic history may be required.
Replace Simulated Students with Real – The analysis run adds simulated students to ensure the analysis includes a sample incoming freshman and transfer class in addition to continuing students.  When this option is selected, the analysis will begin to replace simulated students with actual students who have been admitted to the institution.


17.Click Save in Progress.


NoteNOTE:  Do not click Next at this time.  The initial imports must be completed before running the analysis.



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