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Add a Graphic to the Invoice Report Header

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Add a Graphic to the Invoice Report Header

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Add a Graphic to the Invoice Report Header

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It is often desirable to add a logo or other institution graphic to the invoice report header for branding and identification purposes.


To add an image to the invoice Crystal Report file, perform the following:


1.Locate the Crystal Reports file repository for your installation.  The report files should be included in the Files\Reports directory in your instance of Astra Schedule.


2.Find the Accounting_InvoiceCM.rpt file and make a copy of the file as a backup in case you need to revert to the original.
Example:  Accounting_InvoiceCM - Copy.rpt

3.Open the Accounting_InvoiceCM.rpt report using Crystal Reports.


4.Note the recommended location for your graphic below.

5.Remove the text box by selecting and deleting it.

6.You may need to adjust the location of existing fields to accommodate your graphic.

7.Insert your graphic by selecting Insert/Picture and browsing to the location of your graphic file.


8.Once you have the layout adjusted to your satisfaction, save the Crystal Reports .rpt file.  You may now test the report by viewing a generated invoice from within an event.

9.To add the graphic to your estimate report as well, repeat these steps using the Accounting_Estimate.rpt file.