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Testing Preferences

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Testing Preferences

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Testing Preferences

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Preference rules are a very powerful, flexible way to configure scheduling preferences.  However, when many rules are created it can become challenging to "see" what preferences will be applied to a section you may have in mind.  You could save the preference set, make it the default for a term, and then view an actual section record to see what it inherits, but this process is tedious if you are trying to make configuration changes.


For this reason a test tool is provided directly within the preference set.  While configuring preferences you can enter the attributes of a hypothetical section record and see what preferences would be applied based on the current settings.

Test Preferences

To test preferences for a hypothetical section, perform the following:


1.While viewing or editing a preference set, click the Tester tab near the top of the page.


2.Use the drop-down menus to select the applicable attributes of your hypothetical section.


3.Click the Test button.
Any preferences that would be applied based on the current rules will be displayed below.
Additionally, the actual rules that are a match and being applied are highlighted in the rule list on the page.

4.Return to the Details tab to make any desired changes.




NoteNOTE: A time preference set will appear very similar to a room preference set but will include Delivery Method as an attribute and Meeting Pattern Groups and Meeting Patterns as preferences.