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An academic subject is an area of study to which courses are assigned. If academic section data is being imported from a student information system, subject records will be automatically added to the Astra Schedule database as they are imported. However, subject records can also be manually added and edited directly in Astra Schedule as well.


Select the Subjects option from the Academics tab to view a list of subjects in the application. You may search for a specific subject and limit the number of subjects displayed using the Find Subjects area on the left side of the page. To search for specific subjects, enter keyword search criteria in the boxes at the top of the form and then click Search to view your results. Only those subjects with matching keywords will be returned in the list. Finally, use the Active drop-down option to view subjects that are active, inactive, or either. Click on the subject name to view additional details about the subject record.

Add a Subject

To add a new subject to the Astra Schedule system, perform the following:


1.Click the Add Subject button in the upper right corner of the Subject list page.


2.Enter the subject name in the Name field.


3.Add a text description if desired.


4.Enter the subject code. This field must match the subject indicator in your SIS to be recognized as a match during import.


5.Place a check in the box next to “Is Active” to make the subject available throughout the application.


6.Click the Save button to save and return to the list page.


You may use the delete icon to the right of the list page entry to remove a subject from the list, or use the edit icon to modify the record.