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Review Scheduled Sections

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Review Scheduled Sections

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Review Scheduled Sections

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Once an optimizer sandbox is completed, the detail view of the sandbox will default to the Results tab.  The Results tab includes summary data, a list of sections that were scheduled during the optimization, lists of sections that were not scheduled due to bottlenecks or infeasible requests, and a publish option for moving the room assignments to production when ready.

Summary Statistics

At the top of the results page is a summary panel that displays various totals based on section scheduling statuses and other attributes.  Key values in this list are the total sections included by the optimizer run, the number of these sections that were scheduled by the optimizer (Scheduled), the number that had suitable rooms but the rooms were not available (Bottleneck), and the number whose combination of preferences and/or requirements resulted in no suitable rooms (Infeasible). Next to the summary list is a pie chart illustrating this relationship in terms of percentages of the whole group of sections the optimizer considered.  The list of statistics gathered include:


Scheduled:  Sections that received room assignments from the optimizer run (this does not include sections that maintained room assignments, if applicable)

Bottleneck:  Sections that found valid rooms but were blocked from room assignments by other activities, usage controls, holidays, and seat fill settings

Infeasible:  Sections with no valid suitable rooms considered in optimization

Total Meetings:  All sections considered by the optimizer based on user rights and optimization source settings (All section meetings of the selected term(s) or sandbox source)

Total Optimized:  Total number of meetings that the optimizer attempted to place in room assignments based on selected filters (Scheduled+Bottlenecks+Infeasibles)

Total with Room:  Total number of section meetings with room assignments (Total Meetings ‐ Total Unscheduled)

Total Unscheduled:  Total number of section meetings without room assignments (Total Meetings ‐ Total with Room)

Do Not Optimize:  Sections within the Total Meetings scope but marked Do Not Optimize

Online:  Sections with a course distinction of "Online" (currently used by sectioning customers only)

Arranged:  Sections within the Total Meetings scope but marked "Arranged"

Invalid Mtg. Pattern:  Sections within the Total Meetings scope that are missing key meeting pattern components (start date, end date, days, start time, end time, meeting type)



Scheduled Sections

The Scheduled tab on the results page displays a list of all scheduled sections in the sandbox.  The details of each section are provided, including the current location and the room score calculated by the optimizer.  (When evaluating possible rooms for sections the optimizer calculates a seat fill score, a preference score, and finally, an overall score based on academic scheduling preferences and optimization priorities.)  Standard filter criteria are available to the left of the list.  The list itself may be sorted by any of the displayed columns.


You may click the edit icon for any given section to view details about the record and make any desired changes.  The ad hoc room scheduling tool is available from within the edit form as well if room changes are required.



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