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Meeting Pattern Groups

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Meeting Pattern Groups

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Meeting Pattern Groups

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A meeting pattern group is a collection of one or more meeting patterns that may be used as a time scheduling preference during timetabling.  For example, a meeting pattern group may be created that contains only standard meeting patterns, only meeting patterns with MWF day patterns, only evening patterns, etc.  This group can then be easily added to a time preference rule that is applied to sections during timetabling.


To create a meeting pattern group, perform the following:


1.Click the Meeting Pattern Groups option in the Admin section of the Academics tab.

2.On the Meeting Pattern Group list page, click Add a Meeting Pattern Group.

3.On the Meeting Pattern Group window, enter a unique name for the group.


4.Enter a description.


5.Click the + button to select meeting patterns, and choose the patterns that will belong to the group.

6.Click OK to save the group.
The new group will appear on the list.