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Identify Cross-Listed Sections

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Identify Cross-Listed Sections

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Identify Cross-Listed Sections

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To find and view sections within the system that are cross-listed with other sections, perform the following:


1.Click the Sections option from the Academics tab.


2.Identify the Cross-List column on the section list page.


3.Click the Cross-List column to toggle between ascending and descending sort order.


4.Identify the cross-list group ID or cross-listed section you wish to view.


5.Click on the “Course/Section” link to view details about the section record.
The section form is displayed.


6.Click the "View Meeting" icon to view the meeting-specific details.

7.On the meeting tab, click to expand and view the cross-list information.

8.The cross-list group details as well as the other section or sections with which the active section is cross-listed are displayed.


9.You may click on the names of the cross-list partners to view the details for the partner section(s).