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Edit Section Scheduling Preferences

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Edit Section Scheduling Preferences

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Edit Section Scheduling Preferences

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Scheduling preferences are used to help determine room suitability as well as score.  A section meeting will automatically inherit any applicable scheduling preferences based on its term's default preference set. However, preferences may be edited at the section meeting level if an override is required to meet the specific needs of the section.

NoteNOTE: Room suitability is determined using all room requirements for the section, including capacity, campus, and any required or excluded scheduling preferences. Room score takes into consideration seat fill and scheduling preferences with weight.


To edit scheduling preferences for the section meeting, perform the following:


1.Click to view the section and meeting you would like to edit.


2.Click Edit on the section form.


3.The Preferences section of the form displays any default preferences and their source.  Click the Add button to select a preference for any one of the preference types.


4.Select a weight for the item on a scale of 1-10.


5.Optionally, you may choose to "Require" or "Exclude" the selected preference item.
If a preference is required, this preference must be met or a room is not assigned.  If a preference is excluded, it is removed from consideration.


6.To remove a preference from the list, click on the delete icon to the right of the specific preference you wish to remove.
Notice that if you choose to remove an individual default preference, the item will be crossed out. You can re-instate this preference at any time by clicking the restore icon.


7.Place a check in the box next to "Override" to block all preferences that may be applied from default preferences for a specific preference type.
Notice that if inherited preferences were already being displayed, the source description for these preferences will change to show that they are now owned by the item you are editing. You may now choose to edit or remove these preferences.
If you remove this flag at a later date, the inherited preferences will return.


8.Click Save at any time on the section to save your preference changes.

NoteNOTE: If multiple items are flagged as Required for Room Type, Region, Building, or Room preferences, then any one of the items will fulfill the requirement, but ONLY those items flagged as required will be considered. If multiple items are flagged as Required for Feature preferences, then ALL of the flagged items are required, but other items are considered as well, impacting the room score.