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The Course List

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The Course List

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The Course List

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To view the list of courses that have been either imported or added to Astra Schedule, select the Courses option from the Academics tab.  Use the paging controls at the bottom of the list page to navigate or jump to another page.



Filter the List

You may search for or limit the number of courses using the options on the left side of the page.




To search for specific courses, enter search criteria in the boxes at the top of the form and then click Search to view your results. Only those courses with matching values will be returned in the list, as shown below.




Use the Subject selection menu to view courses for a single subject. Finally, use the Active drop-down option to view courses that are active, inactive, or either.


Click on the course name to open the course form and view additional details about the course record.


You may use the delete icon on each course row to remove a course from the list, or use the edit icon to modify the record.



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