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Add New Section

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Add New Section

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Add New Section

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With appropriate user permissions, you may add a new section record to your list of sections for a term.


NoteNOTE: At this time, sections and meetings added manually to Astra Schedule are not exported to the SIS.


Perform the following to add a new section:


1.Click the Sections option from the Academics tab.


2.Click the Add a Section button at the top of the list.


3.Select Subject, Course, Delivery Method, Campus, and Term using the drop-down menus on the section form.


4.Enter a section number for the new section.


5.Enter an Import ID if you would like to record a unique identifier for this section that matches information in your student information system.


6.Click the box next to “Do Not Optimize” if applicable.


7.If you wish, add any notes specific to the section being added.


8.To add meeting information, click the Add Meeting button.


9.Select and edit meeting times for the meeting.


10.Select the days on which the meeting will meet.


11.Edit the meeting dates if different from the term.


12.Select a meeting type using the drop-down menu.


13.Select a primary instructor using the drop-down menu. You may click the Add button to add additional instructors of record.


NoteNOTE: An association between instructors and courses they are authorized to teach may be configured in the instructor record.  If this configuration is performed for any instructor for the given course, the instructor selection options are limited to only those instructors authorized to teach the course section being edited.  See Instructor Course Association for more information.


14.If applicable, place a check in the box to specify that the meeting is "Arranged".


15.Specify section enrollment and maximum capacity as applicable.


16.Configure cross-list information if the meeting will be cross-listed with one or more other meetings.  See Cross-Listed Sections for more information.


17.Add any section-specific scheduling preferences if different from system configured preferences.


18.Click the Assign Room button next to the room field to choose a room for the meeting.  See Assign a Room to a Section for more information.


19.Add any meeting notes that apply.


20.Click Save to view your completed section.