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Add a Course

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Add a Course

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Add a Course

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To manually add a new course to the Astra Schedule system, perform the following:


1.Click the Courses option in the Admin section on the Academics tab.


2.Click the Add a Course button at the top of the Course list page.


3.Enter the course’s title in the Course Title field.


4.Enter the course import ID. (unique ID to match the course during import processes)


5.Select the appropriate subject code from the drop-down list.


6.Enter the course number.


7.Add a text description if desired.


8.Enter credit hours for the course. (only for Sectioning)


9.Enter default credit hour bracketing information. (only for Sectioning)


10.Optionally specify if sections of the course are always “arranged”, or should not be optimized. (only for Sectioning)


11.Select prerequisite, corequisite, and/or equivalent courses from the lists as applicable. (only for Sectioning)


12.Click Add to add a Delivery Method to the course.


13.Select the delivery from the drop-down list.
The default delivery is populated with the first delivery method configured.  You may change this if more deliveries are added.

14.Enter the enrollment bracket information for the delivery. (only for Sectioning)


15.Enter the max number of sections that may be offered during a term for the delivery. (only for Sectioning)


16.If desired, specify the Term Types for which this is a valid course delivery.  (the default is "Any") (only for Sectioning)


17.If desired, specify the Campuses on which the course delivery may be offered.  (the default is "Any") (only for Sectioning)


18.Click Add to add a Meeting Type to the course delivery.
A new meeting type row is activated.


19.Select a meeting type from the Name drop-down list.


20.Specify the number of contact hours for the meeting type. (only for Sectioning)


21.Optionally specify true or false values for Linked, Online, or Arranged, and specify an order if there will be more than one meeting type.


22.See Course Exam Settings if exam preferences settings are desired.


23.Repeat steps above to add additional course deliveries or meeting types.


24.Click Save to save the course record to the database.